The Art of Mothering


Laure Nastasi-Palacios

LMFT 89990

The Wise Mother

Thoughtful Mommy

Super Mom

Because there’s no "one size fits all" when it comes to moms and kids.

 Come sit down with other moms and define your own unique mothering style !

In this workshop you will :

  • Increase your awareness

  • Mother from the inside out

  • Learn effective skills to parent in the real world

  • Troubleshoot you kids' difficult behaviors

  • Talk about Mothering and Cultures

Meeting Dates :

2 mornings

coming soon



Fee for 2 meetings

early bird $320

after 11/19 $360

Location :

527 Irving st.

San Francisco, CA 94122


415 619 4991

or email to register

“We are the windows through which our children first see the world. Let us be conscious of the view.” 
― Katrina Kenison, Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry

my first country.
the first place I ever lived.” 
― Nayyirah Waheed, Salt

Refreshments will be served

If you worry about your children a lot,

If you feel that you are not the best mom you could be,

If you find yourself very anxious or stressed in your mothering,

If being a parent is too hard


This workshop is for you

We will work on making mothering enjoyable and 

help you feel more confident in your role!

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